From being a freelancer, entrepreneur, and producer to being Head of Animation at Parent Scheme , my journey has been anything but ordinary. Today I am part of a team of freelancers called Concision .
Where I am responsible for producing motion graphics and animations as part of our solutions for branding and design. I am driven by the concept behind the animation and I strive to find solutions to the need of the user while creating beautiful and compelling stories. I am inclined towards learning new skills and continuously contribute to other areas of design including illustrations, UI design and web development.

At an early age, I was quite fascinated with motion in general, I didn’t know what it was then but I knew it was something special. So, I would spend hours admiring the traditional hand-drawn animations from Disney, Dream works animation, Fleischer Studios, Warner Bros- the pioneers in Animation.

At the age of 21, 2014 I decided to leave everything that I knew behind, and moved to Newcastle, England. There I did BA in Animation and Games art at Sunderland University. The degree gave me a strong foundation in traditional animation principles, while also teaching me key digital skills in both 2D, 3D, cut out and stop motion animation. I also worked on live briefs, accessed placements, studios, workshops, game jams and festivals.

In 2017, I started my MA in Animation at Northumbria University, where I studied animation criticism and aesthetics and animation production methods. My study provided me with an opportunity to work in a studio-based environment, while having access to the latest technology and industry standard software. I also engaged with live and research-led briefs and gained insights from industry professionals, visiting animation studios and attending industry talks.

Alongside my MA in Animation at Northumbria University, I have also seen the value of collaboration and support, which has led to managing an independent team of creatives, The Animators. I am consistently ready to give ideas and feedback as a way to clarify how design work can communicate the right message.